Code, Art, Science, and a crazy dude 🚀
While at Santa Monica College, I pursued various OOP programming courses covering several coding languages in different environments, including Arduino, PJ5, Processing, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
Additionally, I enrolled in the Interaction Design Bachelor program. I took an exciting course named "Design for the Future," which pushed me to think creatively and develop interactive experiences employing programming languages, microcontrollers, augmented reality, and 3D art.

I made this video as a requirement for my Independent studies class.

I was involved in several captivating projects, like building an automated fish feeder that feed my aquarium once a day. The program was built on Arduino and used IOT to send notifications to a mobile device. I also built a prototype of an aluminum can, an ESP32 feather board, a servo Motor, a Light sensor, and a temperature sensor. 

This is the funniest prototype I have ever build. My fish love it

I also coded an Arcade game using the C# language inside processing. I use an esp32 feather to emulate the Bluetooth signal and connect a PS4 controller. Additionally, I coded the traditional game "Snake" and enjoyed hours of fun with my homemade video game. 
My favorite project of my academic journey was my thesis project, which transformed changes in plant conductivity into music using sensors and microcontrollers.
There is an entire section about that Here.
By training a neural network with samples of binaural beats, isotonic sounds, and epic music, I was able to create innovative and organic environmental music.
I made these songs using biodata from my Monstera Deliciosas Plants and a 5h!t t0n of code