Biodata Generative Music
I built a Music machine that transforms internal changes in the conductivity of a plant and feeds AI to generate Organic soundscapes.  I created music that feels alive and conveys a message of connectedness between Humans, Plants, and machines. 
‣Create a music-making system using Arduino to connect triggers and controls and Processing to play sounds. You will need to use the Sound library for Processing. 
‣Design a physical interface to control your music machine.
‣Code a software program to obey your interface.
‣Develop visuals to accompany your music.
‣Record the music machine in action on video and create a documentation page online.
Maxim Safioulline - Tangible Micro Interactions, Fall 2022 
Gaia v1: 
Prototype 01
I created a music machine that can reproduce various sounds based on the changes in a plant's capacitance. The user interface provides real-time updates on the machine's status.
I integrated an ESP32 board that sends a constant electric charge through the plant. The energy is released when the user touches the plant, and the sensors detect the resulting changes. The computer then analyzes these changes to select specific sounds depending on the area of that plant that has been touched.
Serial Input, The controller sends strings of data using the IOT
How the Music Machine Works
I used Prototype 01 to test the reaction of my peers. I found that the experience was extrasensory, involving the personal beliefs and emotions of people around plants and their connection with their surroundings.
Gaia v2 | Soundscapes for Interstellar Settlement
After observing my schoolmates ' reactions, I transformed my work into a proposal for the  PST ART: Art & Science Collide and presented my work as part of my internship with the JPL design studio. 
From September 2024 to January 2025, the PST ART aims to encourage civic dialogue on urgent issues of our time, including climate change, environmental justice, artificial intelligence, and alternative medicine. Resources from SoCal organizations, such as exhibitions and public programs, will be showcased.
How a future of space exploration could challenge our traditional methods of achieving connectedness and drive the creation of entirely new forms of relationships?

How might these new relational possibilities, such as feelings of kinship with Earth, change how we perceive our planet?
Design Studio JPL Creative Brief

"Connectedness Describes our feelings of belonging to individuals or groups. This desire drives behavior and promotes well-being."
David Delgado & Dan Goods, JPL Studio Leaderboard
How does Space Sound?
As we explore space, we must consider the challenges of long space voyages and the potential impact of sound on physical and mental health. The constant humming or throbbing noise inside machines like the International Space Station or any other space habitat would likely harm the crew’s sanity.
Audio Reference from the ISS: 
Authentic Audio record from the ISS (2022)
Gaia v2: 
Planing the Code
Planing the Code
Welding the Music Machine V2
Welding the Music Machine V2
Welding The biodata sonidification device
Welding The biodata sonidification device

I built a Biodata Sonification Device designed by Sam Cusumano - Electricity for Progress.

The Biggest hit ever, it is music that is alive. 
A collaboration between Plants, AI, and Music. 
"The Interesting thing about this is that Plants can go anywhere in the galaxy without us, but we can not go to anywere without them.
-Samuel Cusumano
My Project Proposal