Hello! I am Andres Muñoz. I'm an Interaction Designer based in Santa Monica, California, with a diverse background in Industrial Design, Fabrication, and Aerospace Integration. In my journey, I've crafted innovative solutions for Metal Specialties, SpaceX, and Snap.
Witnessing the incredible evolution of the last 100 years fuels my passion for shaping an even more fantastic future. I employ various research methods, from surveys and experiments to flowcharts and prototypes, to deeply understand the people I design for.
My logic-based design approach, coupled with solid technical knowledge, positions me as a valuable asset for cross-functional teams. I thrive on fostering meaningful conversations, maintaining relationships, and injecting creativity into collaborations. As a team player and the 'wild card' in every group, I'm always ready to take action.
I aspire to lead teams through diverse design stages, fostering collaboration and inclusivity within organizations. Let's connect and explore how we can create something remarkable together.